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REMBE® RushOrder

We are there for you when you need something fast.

REMBE® RushOrder

Use our service and get your bursting discs within 24 hours.

With experience since 1973 in the development and manufacture of high-quality bursting discs, we not only supply you quickly, but also with absolutely reliable pressure relief devices developed and manufactured in Germany. We are available for you around the clock and guarantee with the REMBE® RushOrder! Service the immediate production of your bursting discs.
Use this unique service and
  • reduce your storage costs.
  • avoid downtimes of your plant.
  • increase the productivity of your plant with sophisticated REMBE® bursting disc solutions.
  • feel free to order at the last minute - REMBE® can do it: for repeat orders as well as for new orders.
  • rely on German quality work - more reliable is not possible.

Give us a call +49 2961 7405-0

Torsten Knepel, expert in rupture discs and RushOrders
"How many RushOrders have I had? No idea! Obviously, no one is overjoyed if they’re suddenly called out to work at Christmas. But it’s a great feeling when you succeed in building a rupture disc within the shortest possible time, so that your customer can start up their system again. And getting away from the family over Christmas for a bit may actually be quite a relief for some. "
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